MCC provides complex tailored MedChem synthesis and services for drug-like compounds for pharmaceutical, chemical & agrochemical R&D from mg to multi-gram amounts.

Main Strengths & Services:
• Complex Synthesis in the field of Carbohydrates, Nucleosides and Heterocycles
• Advanced Screening Compound Synthesis on solid an liquid phase, including natural derived entities
• Preparative HPLC-MS separation of Impurities, followed by structure elucidation and synthesis
• Chiral Separation, also in bulk amounts
• Structural NMR Studies, MALDI-TOF, HR-MS
• Application of Chemoinformatical Tools and AI in Drug-Discovery
• Enzymatic Synthesis
Delivery Time: 2 to 5 work days (on-stock products)
Standard Purity: min.95% - 98% (HPLC). Standard Analytics: HPLC-MS, 1H-NMR


Highest Quality and Competitive Price-Performance Ratio!

  • We supply high-quality compounds and services at world-wide competitive prices.
  • Our quality is based on competence and experience obtained from many years being in industrial pharmaceutical and agrochemical research.
  • All our compounds are provided with HPLC-MS / H-NMR analytics as standard feature.
  • Confidentiality on all projects is taken for granted.